About me

I am a psychologist, a psychotherapist, a coach and a supervisor. I have dedicated my professional life to understanding human beings. Over an enriching academic and clinical career, I have accumulated a solid knowledge and expertise in the fields of mental health, well-being and growth. By integrating leading-edge research, theories and techniques, I have developed a unique and efficient approach to therapeutic treatments.


About my practice

 I had the privilege of training in different countries, cultures and universities, being exposed to different ways of thinking and understanding. I believe that each theoretical model (psychodynamic, cognitive, behavioural, existential, humanistic etc.,) is an attempt to make sense of the complexity of human experiences. My professional aim has always been to combine these models into an integrated understanding of human beings’ development, pain, pathologies and healing processes. My years of clinical practice have taught me to hold truth lightly and adapt what I offer to the uniqueness of the client’s needs – the client’s subjective story, within the specificity of his or her bio-psycho-social context.


My Credentials


Doctorate in counselling psychology and psychotherapy

Master’s degree in clinical psychology and psychopathology

Bachelor’s degree in psychology

Diploma in psychological therapies

Diploma in couples psychotherapy

Diploma in interpersonal psychotherapy

Diploma in clinical supervision


Professional Registration and Accreditation


British Psychological Society (BPS)


United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy (UKCP)


Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)